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ViraFend FAQs

ViraFend® Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does ViraFend Cure A Virus Infection?

There is no ‘cure’ for most virus infections.  Once many viruses, such as the Herpes virus and others are inside the body, they remain there for life.  For many people the virus falls into a ‘dormant’ period, until it is "re-awakened" by various "trigger events". These trigger events (such as eating specific foods which stimulate a virus to become active and reproduce more aggressively, trauma or injuries, and certainly stress may re-awaken the virus, stimulating it to start replicating again.

While there is no cure (regardless of what you may read on other websites), it is possible to impact and regulate the replication of viruses to try and keep the virus load low.  ViraFend® does not kill any virus; it works by impeding the virus’s ability to attach to a human host cell (the first stage of the virus life cycle), which is necessary for the virus to insert its DNA into the host cell, and use the host cell as an incubator to reproduce new virus generations.  No attachment = no reproduction.  The objective of ViraFend® is to impede virus attachment, to help regulate virus replication and to boost the immune system’s ability to fight off the attacking virus.

Q: Am I Still Contagious If I’m Taking ViraFend?

People infected with many different viruses, including the Herpes virus (responsible for causing cold sores and genital herpes outbreaks) can transmit the virus to another person both during an active outbreak, or in between outbreaks through direct transfer of infected bodily fluids or through ‘virus shedding’, where infected skin cells shed from an infected person to a non-infected person.

It’s important to understand how viruses reproduce AND how viruses like the Herpes virus and others can be transmitted.  While ViraFend® interferes with the virus’ ability to attach to host cells, this alone is not sufficient to prevent transmitting the virus to another person.  However, the lower your virus load, the less virus you have to transmit, although it is indeed possible to infect another with even a few viral particles.

Q: Can I Take ViraFend With Prescriptions I Take?

Yes. You can take ViraFend® with any medicine, including anti-viral prescription medications as prescribed by your doctor, including acyclovir and valacyclovir.  There are no known negative interactions between ViraFend® (a natural dietary supplement) and any medication.  There are also no known side-effects, which may often occur with prescription medications.

Q: Is ViraFend FDA Approved?

It is important to understand that FDA does NOT approve ANY dietary supplements; FDA however regulates these products to ensure that any claims made are truthful and not misleading, and that the product does not claim to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent" and disease.

ViraFend takes great care to produce a product that meets or exceeds all regulations and standards of manufacture and marketing. ViraFend does NOT claim to prevent or treat ANY disease and especially any disease which may be caused by viruses reproducing unchecked in the human body.

ViraFend is intended simply to inhibit the ability of viruses to attach to human host cells. If a virus cannot attach to a human host cell, it cannot hijack the cell's reproductive mechanisms to reproduce itself. Thus, ViraFend is a Virus Attachment Inhibitor and a Virus Reproduction Regulator.

Natural Humic Acids are approved for human consumption by the FDA, the US Department of Agriculture, and the Code of Federal Regulations for food additives.

US Food and Drug Administration Title 21
Approval of Humic Acid (Sodium Humate) for Human Consumption


US Department of Agriculture – 7 CFR 205
Approval of ‘Naturally occurring deposits’ of Humic Acid for use in organic crop production


Q: What Viruses Does ViraFend Work Against?

Scientific tests and clinical studies have demonstrated that the active ingredient in ViraFend® – Activated Humic Acid – is a significant Virus Attachment Inhibitor for a wide range of viruses on which it has been tested, including the range of Herpes viruses, a wide range of influenza viruses, and many others.

Since all viruses that affect humans work in the same way – through the Virus Life Cycle of Attachment through Replication through Release – ViraFend’s mechanism of action has been shown to work similarly across a wide range of different viruses.

In extensive tests by the National Institutes of Health, humic acid was shown effective against virtually every virus it was tested against.

Q: Is ViraFend® Safe For Children?

The directions for use for ViraFend® state that it should be used by adults and children over 12 years of age or older.  Please follow all directions as stated.  Always consult your doctor first before starting any new dietary supplement.  To date, all scientific tests on ViraFend’s active ingredient – Humic Acid – have shown no toxicity, no allergic reactions, no contraindications with medications, and no known side effects.

But again, if you have any questions, always ask your doctor before using this or any other product, especially with children.

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