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How to Use ViraFend®

Directions For Use

ViraFend is a natural vegetarian capsule that should be taken by adults or children over 12 as ONE (1) CAPSULE TWICE A DAY, typically once in the morning and once in the early evening.

You may take ViraFend with or without food, although it is recommended to take your ViraFend before a meal; in any case, you should always drink a glass of water each time.

ViraFend is a natural supplement which has been extensively tested for safety, and there are no known side-effects or contraindications with any medications you may be taking.


For those experiencing an active virus outbreak (such as cold sores, herpes outbreaks, shingles outbreaks, respiratory viruses or the flu), you should know that your ‘Viral Load’ (the amount of virus particles in your system) is highest when you are experiencing an outbreak. In such cases, you may take TWO (2) CAPSULES AT A TIME, TWICE A DAY to get more of the active ingredient in your system faster, give your immune system an extra boost, and help inhibit the attachment of newly reproduced virus particles to new host cells. You can also safely increase to TWO (2) CAPSULES AT A TIME, TWICE A DAY if you feel under stress, or are planning to travel or be in a crowded or confined space with other people.

Based on safety and toxicity studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health Virology Department, doses up to 50 times the recommended dosage are safe and non-toxic, but as with all health products, it is not recommended to take more than needed.

ViraFend is non-allergenic, and does not cause anaphylaxis. It is not contraindicated with any medications, and does not have embryo-toxic properties.


Since ViraFend works by ‘coating’ the virus envelope to interfere with the virus’ ability to attach to a host cell, it is important to maintain a level of ViraFend in your system at all times. On an ongoing basis, it is recommended to take one (1) to two (2) capsules twice a day, every day, as well as to avoid various triggers that can stimulate reproduction of the virus which could lead to an outbreak.


If this is the first time you are taking ViraFend you need to know that as ViraFend works to defend against viruses attaching to host cells so that your normal immune response can fight off the attacking virus, you may experience an outbreak or mild symptoms even after you first start taking ViraFend. This is typically the result of a die-off of virus particles, and is a common (but not always) response known as the ‘Herxheimer Effect‘. If you experience this at all (most people do not), it is temporary and nothing to worry about, and usually only happens once. It is actually a sign that the product is working.

In essence it describes a set of symptoms where you may feel worse before you feel better (or more accurately, ‘feel worse AS you are getting better’).
When you begin to take a new supplement, you may experience a die-off of bacteria, viruses or other pathogens in your body. This can make your symptoms feel a little worse at first, or even produce new symptoms, such as a flu-like feeling of headaches, muscle and joint pain, mild rashes, fever or malaise – or even having a mild herpes or shingles outbreak at the outset.

You might want to stop the new supplement because you think it’s not working – when in fact, this is a natural, healthy reaction from your immune system. What appears to be a setback is simply a natural and needed process.


Supplements can cause the body to go through a detoxification process, where the unwanted pathogens (bacteria, fungi, or viruses) are being eliminated. These reactions indicate that your body has begun to cleanse itself of toxins with the help of the supplement, but your immune system cannot eliminate them quickly enough to avoid associated symptoms caused by toxins released from the dying pathogens.

If you can stick with the supplement regimen as directed, the symptoms of any Herxheimer reaction should be temporary, and you should feel better after the detox is complete. Keep yourself hydrated, eat a clean diet, and get as much rest as possible. Take ViraFend daily as directed, and you will be amazed by the results. We guarantee it with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

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