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Inhibiting Virus Attachment

Virus Attachment Inhibition

Virus Attachment Inhibition (or Virus Fusion Inhibition) is exactly what it sounds like: the interference with a virus particle’s ability to fuse (bind to) a human host cell, which is the first stage of the virus life cycle - and absolutely necessary for virus organisms to reproduce inside human cells.

If a virus cannot successfully attach itself to its target host cell, it cannot penetrate the host cell to insert its virus DNA or RNA, and thus it cannot proceed to reproduce inside the host cell.


Virus Fusion Inhibition is one of the hottest topics in viral research and medicine today, as it offers an opportunity to interrupt the viral life cycle at its earliest stage. Many viruses are non-harmful, or only a mild inconvenience, such as the common cold which is caused by a virus known as the human rhinovirus. Other viruses can be deadly, such as the Ebola virus, or hepatitis virus. Other viruses, such as the Herpes virus (which causes Cold Sores and genital herpes outbreaks when it reproduces inside the human body) may not be deadly or life-threatening in most circumstances, but they can often result in extremely painful or embarrassing outbreaks. Influenza viruses (which cause the flu) can be serious. And Shingles virus outbreaks are known to be extremely painful.

ViraFend® Virus Defense Formula‘s primary ingredient – Activated Humic Acid – acts to impede the ability of virus particles to attach to human host cells in a process known as Virus Attachment Inhibition.

ViraFend Virus Defense Formula

Research indicates that Activated Humic Acid functions both at the point of Virus Attachment, as well as at the point when newly reproduced virus particles are released from the host cells in which they replicated.

Activated Humic Acid binds to the membrane of virus particles and thus interferes with the virus’s ability to attach to a host cell, penetrate the host cell, and reproduce itself. Scientific studies have demonstrated that if a host cell is penetrated before the introduction of the Activated Humic Acid into the body, the virus reproductive process within the host cell is not halted.

HOWEVER, if one has latently infected cells (those with chronic viral infections such as Herpes simplex virus, or the Shingles virus which remains in the body forever) and Activated Humic Acid is present, once the host cell releases the newly reproduced viruses into the bloodstream the Activated Humic Acid helps interfere with the new generation(s) of viruses from attaching to the cell wall of new host cells, hijacking the DNA or RNA and reproducing, and thus it can effectively lower the body’s virus load (the amount of virus particles in the body) over time.

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