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The Importance of L-lysine As A Virus Defense Immune Booster

All living organisms need nourishment to survive, and viruses are no different.  One of the essential nutrients viruses need to function and reproduce is an amino acid called L-arginine.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and are critical for almost all biological functions and cell health.  Amino acids help give cells their structure, including viruses.

There are two types of amino acids: SEMI-ESSENTIAL amino acids are called “semi-essential” because they are naturally produced in the body, and they each play a role in biological health.  Eight other amino acids are called ESSENTIAL amino acids because they are critical for optimal system and cell health, but they are NOT produced in the body – you must get these amino acids externally – through foods or supplementation.  They’re call “essential” because you really do NEED these for a host of critical cell health functions.

L-arginine is an amino acid produced in the body that viruses require in order to be able to reproduce.  Viruses, once in your body find a ready supply of L-arginine to help them replicate and reproduce.  In addition to being produced in the body, L-arginine is readily found in the most common foods, such as turkey, nuts, chicken, beans, dairy, shrimp, tuna, chickpeas, spinach, cheese and many more.  You probably eat one of these sources of additional L-arginine daily, increasing the amount of the main nutrient viruses need to reproduce.

L-lysine is an essential amino acid, NOT produced in your body, that has been found to counter the effects of L-arginine, and help deprive viruses of the critical nutrient they need for reproduction.  But since your body does NOT produce L-lysine, you have to add it by way of diet or supplementation.

If you are eating foods that are high in L-arginine, the only way to reduce the availability of this nutrient to viruses is to counter it with a higher level of L-lysine.  And while L-arginine IS important for health, it’s the RATIO of L-arginine to L-lysine in your system that makes the difference in terms of either stimulating viruses to reproduce, or hindering their ability to reproduce.

L-lysine can be added to your body with certain foods and by supplementation.  Unfortunately, most of the foods that contain L-lysine don’t give you enough L-lysine to have the countering effect to tip the ratio between L-Arginine and L-lysine in favor of the L-lysine that helps counter the availability of L-arginine for viruses.

You can download a free PDF table of the L-lysine to L-arginine ratio in a large number of common foods here.

ViraFend Virus Defense Formula

ViraFend is a unique natural supplement whose active ingredient – Activated Humic Acid – has been demonstrated to be a significant Virus Attachment Inhibitor, in that it works to interfere with a virus’ ability to complete its attachment to a human host cell.

Each ViraFend vegetarian capsule also contains 75mg of pharmaceutical grade L-lysine, an essential amino acid that counters the levels of L-arginine in the body, to provide an additional immune system boost for defense against virus reproduction. L-arginine is a key nutrient viruses require to reproduce, and high levels of L-arginine can stimulate the reproductive activity of viruses in the body. L-lysine can help counter high levels of L-arginine naturally to help regulate lower viral loads.

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