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About Humic Acid

Humic Acid is little known, but major pharmaceutical companies are spending millions trying to develop a synthetic Humic Acid; a task almost impossible as the organic molecule is so complex. The Activated Humic Acid in ViraFend is pharmaceutical-grade Activated Humic Acid, which has been extracted from natural deposits in the earth, standardized and sterilized for purity, and “activated” through a process that removes any impurities or trace metals that may have been bound to the Humic Acid over the hundreds of thousands of years it has been in the ground. All work in extracting and processing our Activated Humic Acid is meticulously conducted in US Government approved facilities that are GMP compliant (Good Manufacturing Processes), and FDA approved for pharmaceutical drug manufacturing.

Humic Acid is a principal component of 'humic substances', which are the major organic constituents of soil (humus), peat, coal, many upland streams, lakes and ocean water.  It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter over thousands or hundreds of thousands of years.

Humic Acids are commonly used as a soil supplements in agriculture, and are now available as a human nutritional supplement with ViraFend.

Humic substances are formed by the microbial degradation of dead plant matter, such as lignin. They are very resistant to further bio-degradation.


Until recently, most of the world has been kept in the dark about a “miraculous” medical discovery that is so safe, powerful and effective that doctors and health practitioners (from traditional healers to University-degreed) spanning the globe have used it for thousands of years with amazing results.

Called the “missing link” to optimum health and nutrition by leading scientists, medical studies have shown that this extract has the ability to directly inhibit the attachment of viral particles to human (and animal) host cells.

Scientists have discovered this substance in our food chain, and can see that the rapidly increasing volume of degenerative diseases worldwide may be directly related to the absence of this substance in the human diet. This breakthrough discovery is supported by little-known medical research coming from top institutions around the world… medical schools, hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

ViraFend Virus Defense Formula

Most of the world doesn’t yet know about Humic Acid, and for some very good reasons:

Scientists didn’t know it existed, couldn’t detect it, and when they finally did identify it, it was so complex that they couldn’t understand it. Some of the medical institutions doing the research are more interested in making profits from developing synthetic patented drugs, which is why they prefer consumers not know about natural alternatives – which cannot be patented in their natural form for profit.

Pharmaceutical companies have been rushing to patent synthetic versions of this natural substance, and dozens of patents have been approved. Yet they’ll never be able to duplicate organic, non-synthetic Humic Acid – its structural substance is far too complex.

An estimated 80% of synthetic Humic Acid approaches in pharmaceutical drugs are tiny, isolated synthetic fractions of the whole complete Humic Acid molecule, which can only be found in RAW Humic Acid, extracted from substrates of humates.

They are quite rare and can be found only in certain areas of the world. It is these deposits that are exceedingly rich in Humic Acid.

Humic Acid, by definition, is a fraction of humic substances composed of a long chain molecule, which is high in molecular weight, dark brown in color and soluble in an alkaline solution. Again, little is known about this molecular complex but what is known is that Humic Acid can behave as both a donor or acceptor of electrons – conveying a wide-ranging ability to bind to, or ‘coat’ an equally wide range of microbes and viruses, and act to inhibit the ability of viruses to attach to human host cells – the necessary first step in the Virus Life Cycle that enables viruses to reproduce inside the body.

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